The Patriotic People of God Initiative

Members of TPPOG initiative comprises of Men and Women who go about their various duties and specializations in their own ways.

As members, we place our country first. Our country is one of the most prosperous nation in Africa and we are fortunate to have helped less fortunate nations in Africa solve their problems.

We believe that God has secured us with prosperity and also believe that God expects us to serve by taking positive actions for the growth and development of our country.

Organizational Values


It is faith in the creator that inspired the formation of this NGO


Patriotism is the primary motivation for the actions we take

Courageous Integrity

We are expected to be truthful in all communications


We must lead by example in all we do by being exemplary citizens


We must be committed to our cause, organization projects, campaign and positions


We know this nation depends on us to succeed where our government has failed

Servant Leadership

We must strive to be leaders in all aspects of our lives

Self-Sacifice Over Ego

We are not in this to boost our individual or business ego

Become A Change Agent

Here are some of the ways you can get involved


We seek various forms of partnerships to help deliver our causes to move our nation forward


Contribute to making our nation healthier and sustainable by supporting our NGO with financial contributions.

Become a Volunteer

We welcome enthusiatic volunteers who are interested in the work we do and would love to support us

Our Partners